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Rocket Fiber offers gigabit broadband in underserved areas of Detroit using ADTRAN solutions
Announced Date: 6/27/2016 Published Date: 6/28/2016

ADTRAN announced that Detroit-based Rocket Fiber, a member of the Rock Ventures family of companies, the umbrella entity for Dan Gilbert's portfolio of business and real estate investments, including Quicken Loans, has joined the company's Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives program as part of an effort to support economic renewal in Detroit.

For the project, Rocket Fiber is leveraging ADTRAN's gigabit broadband services platform to deliver high-speed Internet service to previously underserved residents and businesses in the city of Detroit. By extending gigabit services to intercity residents and businesses, Rocket Fiber is seeking to provide a key element of the infrastructure required to help Detroit transform to a smart city.

Rocket Fiber initially delivered the necessary high-speed broadband services to connect Quicken Loans' data centres, then expanded its services to support Detroit's central business district. Utilising ADTRAN's Gigabit broadband platform, Internet services are now available across a 20-plus mile fibre infrastructure in downtown Detroit that Rocket Fiber believes will serve as a catalyst for entrepreneurs and innovation in the city.

Founded in 2014, Rocket Fiber announced last November plans to launch fibre-based Internet service delivering up to 10 Gbit/s bandwidth for residential, and up to 100 Gbit/s speeds for business, customers in the Detroit metro market.

At that time, Rocket Fiber stated it was engaged in beta testing for residents connected to the service at The Albert and Malcomson Buildings in Detroitís Capitol Park neighbourhood. In addition, 19 office buildings had been connected to the network, including the First National Building and One Kennedy Square. Business and residential customers were scheduled to go live with the fibre broadband service in early 2016.

Rocket Fiber noted that as of last November it had laid around 17 miles of fibre in the city and had recently started activating clients in downtown Detroit's central business district. The company said it planned to expand its broadband offering into midtown Detroit in 2016, and then to expand to other areas of the city and eventually beyond Detroit. In conjunction with the announcement of service launch the company opened a new headquarters in the Bedrock building at 1505 Woodward Avenue in downtown Detroit.

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