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GigabitNow partners with Calix to build fibre access network for community in north California
Announced Date: 6/27/2016 Published Date: 6/28/2016

Calix announced a partnership with Seattle-based GigabitNow for the deployment of the first community network at The Sea Ranch, a vacation destination in northern California located on the Sonoma County coast, with 2,200 homes.

As announced earlier in the year, GigabitNow, which designs, builds, operates and supports fibre access networks, has been working with The Sea Ranch homeowners on the deployment of the fibre infrastructure. The infrastructure will be owned by the property owners. Calix noted that communities across the U.S. are adopting such a public-private partnership model, whereby the community funds and owns the fibre network while partnering with a private entity to build and operate the network.

The new network is designed to provide residents and visitors to The Sea Ranch with an enhanced subscriber experience based on a Calix solution that supports voice and data broadband services for the community under the Sea Ranch Connect brand.

The solution supplied by Calix includes its Compass software, 844GE GigaCenters, and the E7-20 Fiber Access System, and the company noted that with WiFi-related support calls estimated to account for more than half of consumer support calls, remote support capability is a key feature in enabling smaller communities to roll out and operate broadband networks.

GigabitNow specialises in providing turnkey solutions for the planning, design, construction, operation, support and billing of gigabit fibre networks, offering custom fibre solutions for communities and municipalities of all sizes. In addition to The Sea Ranch in California, GigabitNow is involved in projects in Washington state, specifically in Issaquah via the Highlands Fiber Network, Discovery Heights, Essex and YWCA, where it offers services with up to 100 Mbit/s bandwidth.

Commenting on the deployment, Steve Milton, CEO at GigabitNow, said, "GigabitNow has a history of building and operating gigabit fibre networks for both residents and businesses throughout this region… for the project with The Sea Ranch, it was looking for a new solution to not only deliver the best broadband experience… and to streamline operations to optimise TCO… Calix Compass software and GigaCenter solution delivered on those needs and will allow it to remotely monitor and troubleshoot subscriber's home WiFi networks".