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Qualcomm introduces 5G New Radio sub-6 GHz prototype system and trial platform
Announced Date: 6/26/2016 Published Date: 6/28/2016

Qualcomm and its subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies announced the introduction of a 5G New Radio (NR) prototype system and trial platform that operates in the sub-6 GHz spectrum bands and is being utilised to showcase its 5G designs to deliver multi-Gbit/s data rates and low latency.

Qualcomm noted that 5G will utilise a range of spectrum bands, and the use of spectrum bands below 6 GHz is a key part of allowing for flexible deployments with ubiquitous network coverage for a range of use cases. Designs implemented on the prototype system are being utilised to drive 3GPP standardisation for a new, OFDM-based 5G NR air interface.

The prototype system is designed to track 3GPP progress and help achieve timely 5G NR trials with mobile operators, infrastructure vendors and other industry players, as well as enable future 5G NR commercial network launches. The new prototype adds to Qualcomm Technologies' existing 5G mmWave prototype system, operating at 28 GHz and capable of supporting mobile broadband communications in non-line-of-sight environment, utilising advanced beamforming and beam-steering techniques.

The 5G NR prototype system comprises both a base station and user equipment (UE), serving as a testbed for verifying 5G NR capabilities. It supports wide RF bandwidths over 100 MHz, capable of delivering multi-Gbit/s data rates. It also supports a new integrated subframe designed to enable lower over-the-air latency than is possible with existing 4G LTE networks.

The latest prototype system continues Qualcomm Technologies' development and testing of 5G designs, which it is actively contributing to 5G NR 3GPP standardisation. The 3GPP 5G NR study item has begun as part of Release 14 and will feed into Release 15 work items. Qualcomm Technologies will showcase the prototype system at Mobile World Congress Shanghai.