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MRV expands OptiDriver portfolio with new OD-4-HD solution for edge network applications
Announced Date: 6/27/2016 Published Date: 6/28/2016

MRV Communications, a global provider of advanced network solutions for service providers, data centre operators and enterprises, announced the addition of the OD-4-HD solution to its OptiDriver product suite, designed to address market demand for higher speeds at the access edge via a smaller form factor product with higher modular port density and improved power efficiency.

MRV noted that service providers, data centre operators and enterprises require higher bandwidth in the access network, and to help address this need it has designed the new OD-4-HD solution. The OD-4-HD chassis is a modular 1 RU member of the OptiDriver family with flexible network architecture provided in a compact format, and is designed to serve as a managed optical demarcation device offering operational simplicity.

The new OD-4-HD platform is designed to enable service providers to start small and then expand quickly employing the same standard OptiDriver cards installed in any OptiDriver chassis, which are available in 4, 6, 12, 16, 32 and 48-slot versions. The versatility of the chassis is intended to enable the use of new optical technologies and a smaller footprint with increased capacity as technology evolves.

The solution can accommodate any existing or new single and dual height OptiDriver module, including 10 Gbit/s and coherent 100 Gbit/s transponders, as well as the forthcoming coherent 200 Gbit/s muxponder.

MRV's OD-4-HD solution is claimed to provide the lowest power and highest density, modular pluggable-based 100 Gbit/s options with reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). For management, MRV's advanced Pro-Vision service orchestration and software provides remote point-and-click service turn up along optical monitoring tools.