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EZchip Technologies given Best of Show out of 24 entrants at NP 2002
Announced Date: 10/29/2002 Published Date: 10/30/2002

The Network Processors 2002 West Conference, described as the only conference totally dedicated to network processors, announced details and results of its Best Of Show awards:

  1. Best of Show: EZchip Technologies for the NP-1 10-Gigabit 7-Layer network processor.

  2. Rising Star award for entries not yet sampling: Astute Networks for Pericles, the Intelligent Network Storage Processor.

  3. Coprocessor award: Cavium Networks for the Nitrox Security Macro Processor.

  4. Best Supporting Solution award: Teja Technologies for the Teja NP Software Platform for the Intel IXP2000 network processor.

  5. Best Network Processor award: EZchip Technologies.

The announcement noted that 31 companies had entered the Best of Show competition including: Agere Systems, AMCC, CloudShield Technologies, Cypress Semiconductor, Fast-Chip, Gryphics, Hifn, HyWire, IDT, Intel, InterQoS Systems, IP Infusion, iReady and National Semiconductor, LVL7 Systems, Modelware, Raqia Networks, SiberCore Technologies, Teradiant Networks, Trebia Networks, Wintegra and Xelerated.