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OnlineNW launches 10 Gbit/s broadband in community of Dayton, Oregon utilising ADTRAN solutions
Announced Date: 5/26/2016 Published Date: 5/27/2016

ADTRAN, a provider of next-generation open networking solutions, announced that Oregon-based service provider OnlineNW has launched 10 Gigabit broadband service in the community of Dayton, Oregon, which is believed to make it the first 10 Gbit/s city on the U.S. west coast.

The community of Dayton is utilising the ultra-fast broadband capability to build an ecosystem to serve schools, non-profit organisations, local businesses and government entities. The ecosystem is focused on educating Dayton's future entrepreneurs and aims to provide a foundation to support economic development in the community.

ADTRAN noted that to help retain people and talent in the area, in particular to support its growing agricultural technology industry, OnlineNW partnered with Innovate Oregon and the Dayton school district to create Innovate Dayton, a program focused on creating a flexible learning environment. As a part of this initiative OnlineNW decided to upgrade its network.

The 10 Gbit/s network infrastructure was initially deployed to support the Innovate Dayton effort in the schools, but OnlineNW realised it also offered an opportunity to enable gigabit broadband service for residents and local businesses leveraging ADTRAN's 10 Gbit/s-capable PON solution.

As part of the program, OnlineNW has established a public/private partnership with the school district that includes a revenue sharing agreement to support student-led community development projects, such as working with the town's vineyards and wineries on technology-centric testing and development. This partnership served as a catalyst to delivering ultra-fast broadband to the community as a whole.

Earlier this year, ADTRAN announced that it was engaged in a number of 10 Gbit/s broadband customer trials with service providers ranging from new market entrants to municipal/utility providers and international Tier 1 carriers, which were evaluating the provision of FTTP services based on the XGS-PON architecture. The company noted that it is developing XGS-PON technology designed to enable 10 Gbit/s symmetric fixed wavelength PON over new or existing fibre infrastructure.

ADTRAN has previously announced a solution designed to enable enterprises, small businesses and schools to more quickly leverage gigabit broadband speeds using its 10 Gigabit Ethernet aggregation switch.