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Telefonica UK begins commercial roll-out of Vasona solutions to enhance mobile data performance in London
Announced Date: 5/24/2016 Published Date: 5/25/2016

Vasona Networks based in Santa Clara, California, a supplier of platforms designed to improve mobile services by enabling increased capacity and resource utilisation, has announced a full commercial deployment with Telefonica UK designed to improve mobile data performance in London.

Vasona stated that the project expands an initial pilot deployment of the Vasona SmartAIR 1000 edge application controller and SmartVISION analysis suite to support Telefonica O2 customers on the operator's 3G and 4G networks within Greater London.

Vasona delivers software solutions on standards-based, programmable platforms designed for deployment at the mobile network edge. The company's SmartAIR solution leverages dynamic rate control with feedback (DRCF) traffic management technology to detect congestion at the cell level, and then takes action to minimise latency and avoid RAN packet loss. The solution is designed to improve the quality of services on existing networks, as well as the performance of new RAN deployments.

The company's SmartVISION software suite provides a dashboard, metadata and regular reports that show real-time and historical QoE performance across individual mobile network cells.

In March 2015, Vasona announced a pilot deployment of its solution with Telefónica UK (O2), noting the pilot followed trials during which the operator had achieved real-time visibility of network traffic and active session management across individual cells during periods of congestion. The pilot in London specifically involved its SmartAIR 1000 edge application controller and SmartVISION analysis suite.

In April of this year, Vasona, which was founded in 2010, announced it had raised $14.6 million via a Series C funding round with the participation of investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, New Venture Partners and NexStar Partners, bringing total investment raised by the company up to that time to approximately $48 million.

Vasona stated at the time the funding would be used to support recently announced deployments with Tier-1 mobile operators, as well as to fund ongoing research and development efforts and to strengthen its position in the emerging edge computing space.

Earlier this year, Vasona introduced the NFV-based Vasona SmartAIR Edge Services Platform (SmartAIR ESP), designed to extend the capabilities of deployed Vasona appliances to more network applications and infrastructure environments. The solution's software-based architecture virtualises the Vasona SmartAIR platform functionality to help provide enhanced network and business agility and support service provider's RAN transformation initiatives.