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Telefonica and Brocade complete benchmark testing of virtual EPC in NFV reference lab
Announced Date: 5/17/2016 Published Date: 5/19/2016

Telefonica and Brocade announced they have completed performance benchmark testing for a virtual EPC (vEPC) implementation from Brocade within the Telefonica NFV Reference Lab framework.

The results of the testing demonstrate that the Brocade vEPC based on its Virtual Core for Mobile (VCM) solution platform can enable service providers to build agile networks that can quickly scale to match the performance requirements of new services.

Brocade's VCM software architecture is designed to reduce production costs, enable faster service roll-out and support dynamic allocation of virtual resources. These capabilities can enable service providers to address a diverse set of use cases including traditional customer-centric services, IoT/M2M, MVNO, private LTE and mobile edge computing.

The Brocade vEPC, running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Intel-based x86 servers in Telefonica's standardised reference test environment, was benchmarked with a broad selection of mobile traffic loads to measure both user plane and control plane performance. Telefonica's standardised NFV Reference Lab is designed to enable the deployment of complex network scenarios utilising the Telefonica OpenMANO stack.

During the tests, Brocade vEPC achieved user data processing rates in excess of 8.5 Mpps while serving 2 million simultaneous bearers at a rate greater than 7,000 bearer activations per second, which is claimed to be the highest values yet seen by Telefonica in the reference test environment. The Brocade vEPC also demonstrated linear scalability in handling both additional user plane traffic and control plane traffic independently from each other.

The Brocade vEPC is part of Brocade's Virtual Core for Mobile product family, together with the company's vPGW and vSAE-GW solutions, with all elements part of the Brocade SDN/NFV portfolio designed to enable service providers to implement agile telco cloud architectures.

Brocade announced in 2015 that it was to acquire California-based Connectem, a company focused on addressing the LTE virtual EPC (vEPC) market. Connectem had specifically developed differentiated vEPC solutions that leverage cloud computing, network virtualisation and software networking technologies designed to deliver greater scale and improved efficiency using industry-standard x86-based servers.

Brocade stated at the time that the acquisition was intended to strengthen its position in software networking and virtualised network functions and enable service providers and enterprises to offer ubiquitous connectivity between mobile and IoT devices, data centres and public and private clouds.