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Telefonica partners with Red Hat to deliver mobility for business processes
Announced Date: 5/6/2016 Published Date: 5/10/2016

Telefonica Business Solutions, a provider of integrated communication solutions for the B2B market and a business of Spain's Telefonica Group, and open source company Red Hat announced an agreement that establishes Red Hat Mobile Application Platform as the global reference platform for operators within Telefonica Group to mobilise the business processes of customers engaging in digital transformation.

Red Hat stated that its Mobile Application Platform has been utilised by Telefonica in certain markets since 2012, completing Telefonica's Enterprise Managed Mobility offering by providing users with an open, agile and collaborative approach to developing, integrating and deploying mobile applications. A collaborative approach to mobile, enabled by open standards-based technologies such as the Red Hat solution, is intended to facilitate mobile adoption, as well as reduce both costs and time to market.

The company's noted that organisations are increasingly investing in mobile application development as they seek to transform the way they do business by creating new business processes, automating existing processes and mobilising legacy web applications. Meanwhile, to address demand for mobile applications in the enterprise, and meet requirements relating to security, scalability and back-end integration, organisations are adopting multi-tenant mobile platforms based on open standards and forming collaborative mobile centres of excellence (MCoEs).

Telefonica Business Solutions delivers integrated communication solutions for the B2B market and is responsible for managing the worldwide enterprise, multinational corporation (MNC), wholesale (serving fixed and mobile carriers, ISPs and content providers) and roaming businesses within the Telefonica Group.

Telefonica previously teamed with Red Hat and Cyan, a provider of SDN, NFV and packet-optical solutions since acquired by Ciena, to develop a NFV architecture to support the deterministic placement of virtualised network functions (VNFs). For the project, Cyan provided an NFV orchestrator designed to leverage enhancements to OpenStack jointly developed by Red Hat Telefónica.

Using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Cyan's Blue Planet SDN platform was developed to support orchestration of the deterministic placement of virtual network functions in the server infrastructure, and thereby maximise the performance of the VNF.