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ZTE elects new board and senior management team with Zhao Xianming as chairman and president
Announced Date: 4/5/2016 Published Date: 4/6/2016

Following the seventh session of ZTE's board of directors, the company announced the election of a new board of directors and a new senior management team, with Mr. Zhao Xianming appointed president of ZTE.

ZTE's new board of directors now features Mr. Zhao Xianming as chairman, with Mr. Zhang Jianheng and Mr. Luan Jubao elected as vice chairmen. In addition, Mr. Zhu Wuxiang, Mr. Luan Jubao, Mr. Shi Lirong, Mr. Wang Yawen, Mr. Richard Xike Zhang, Mr. Lü Hongbing and Mr. Bingsheng Teng have been elected as members of the nomination committee of the board of directors.

The company also announced the appointment of chairman Mr. Zhao Xianming as president of ZTE Corporation. Additionally, Mr. Wei Zaisheng, Mr. Fan Qingfeng, Mr. Zeng Xuezhong Mr. Xu Huijun, Mr. Pang Shengqing, Mr. Zhang Zhenhui and Mr. Chen Jianzhou were appointed executive vice presidents, with Mr. Zaisheng appointed chief financial officer (CFO), Ms. Cao Wei appointed secretary to the board.

Chairman and president

Mr. Zhao Xianming, joined ZTE in 1998, engaged in R&D and management of CDMA products. He subsequently served in roles including head of the R&D group, project manager and general product manager, SVP in charge of CDMA division and wireless product operations. Most recently he was EVP and CTO in charge of strategic and platform operations and system product operations, and as executive director of the company.

Mr. Xianming graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology, having specialised in telecommunications and electronic systems with a doctorate degree in engineering.

ZTE also elected EVPs as follows: Mr. Wei Zaisheng is EVP and CTO responsible for corporate finance and investment; Mr. Fan Qingfeng is EVP in charge of public relations and legal; Mr. Zeng Xuezhong is EVP in charge of the terminals division; Mr. Xu Huijun heads R&D platform, technology planning and system product operations; Mr. Pang Shengqing is in charge of the government and corporate sectors division; Mr. Zhang Zhenhui heads marketing division III; and Mr. Chen Jianzhou in charge of HR, processes and quality control.