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Calix to develop Apache Kafka northbound interface as contributor to ONOS project
Announced Date: 3/29/2016 Published Date: 3/30/2016

Calix announced that it has been invited to join ON.Lab's ONOS project as a collaborator partner, and that as part of its initial contribution to ONOS it will create an Apache Kafka northbound interface within ONOS designed to allow existing and new applications written in almost any language to integrate with ONOS via Kafka clients.

Through this contribution, ONOS will be opened to a number of non-Java applications, thereby significantly expanding the scope of control of ONOS. These new applications will include those running critical infrastructure in the access network, which will become portable and reusable, allowing their migration into hosted environments.

Calix's AXOS, which was introduced in October last year, is claimed to be the first network operating system and carrier-class software platform designed to address the specific needs of the access network. The software platform's hardware and service abstraction layer allows each independent containerised software function to be developed and to operate transparently over the underlying fibre, copper, wireless or silicon technologies supporting the access network and infrastructure.

AXOS (Access eXtensible Operating System) is a Linux-based network operating system and software platform designed for the access network. The hardware-independent AXOS offering is designed to enable software defined access, whereby software functions in the access network can be developed and run without relying on the underlying hardware and associated silicon.

Featuring an always-on architecture and consistent provisioning of services, AXOS is intended to help speed time-to-revenue, eliminate service disruptions and reduce operational complexity for service providers. AXOS was developed based on three core principles: modular, reusable software components, in-service upgrade capabilities and integrated logic designed to eliminate service disruptions, and open, standards-based, programmable management and control APIs.

Within AXOS, containerised software components run over a hardware abstraction layer to enable software independence from hardware. In addition, independent, fine-grained software components can be inserted unmodified into access network locations, without the need for re-testing and re-certification. AXOS software components also support virtualised operation of management and control functions.

ONOS is a carrier-grade SDN network operating system architected to deliver high availability, scalability, performance, as well as rich northbound and southbound abstractions. The ONOS community includes major global service providers such as AT&T, China Unicom, NTT Communications, SK Telecom, Verizon, and vendor partners including Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Huawei, Intel, NEC and Nokia.

The ONOS project recently announced the availability of its Falcon software release and a significant expansion of the Central Office Re-architected as Data Center (CORD) initiative and development of a new open reference implementation. The CORD enhancements are designed to bring the economies of scale and agility of cloud computing to the service provider central office leveraging infrastructure based on commodity building blocks.

Recently, ONOS demonstrated an enterprise (E-CORD) implementation, a mobile (M-CORD) design featuring disaggregated and virtualised RAN, disaggregated, virtualised EPC and mobile edge computing, and a residential (R-CORD) solution, with vCPE and virtualised wireline access technologies (GPON, 10GPON, G.Fast) with cloud-based subscriber services.