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OIF approves CFP2 coherent optics IA targeting metro/regional line-side transport applications
Announced Date: 2/18/2016 Published Date: 2/19/2016

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) announced the approval of an implementation agreement (IA), the CFP2 Analogue Coherent Optics (CFP2-ACO) IA, on pluggable coherent optics modules for industry use.

The new CFP2-ACO IA details all of the functionality required to perform bi-directional dual polarisation coherent optical signalling over a pair of single mode optical fibres. Such modules are expected to have applications across multiple coherent DSP ASIC generations from a variety of DSP vendors.

It is anticipated that CFP2-ACO modules will support innovation and aid cost reduction for coherent optics solutions targeting metro/regional reach line-side transport applications.

The OIF explained that faceplate density of optical IO is a key metric for switching and line-side transport applications, and the roadmap for reduction in module size can be accelerated by moving functions from the traditional CFP-series module to the host board. Shifting the high power electronics functions to the line card permits optimal cooling of the electronics, enabling higher performance line-side applications as well as helping to increase the reliability of the module itself.

OIF member companies will demonstrate multi-vendor interoperability of the ecosystem for pluggable coherent optics at OFC 2016 in Anaheim, California. The full CFP2-ACO module implementation agreement can be found here.

Immediately after OFC 2016, OIF will also host a workshop covering recent developments in 100 Gbit/s serial technology, entitled 100 Gbit/s Serial Electrical Links and Beyond.