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Calix unveils Linux-based AXOS operating system and software platform for the access network
Announced Date: 10/27/2015 Published Date: 10/28/2015

Calix has announced the introduction of AXOS - Access eXtensible Operating System - a Linux-based network operating system and software platform designed to meet the requirements of the access network.

The hardware independent AXOS offering is designed to enable 'software defined access', whereby all software functions in the access network can be developed and run without relying on the underlying hardware and associated silicon. Featuring an always-on architecture and consistent provisioning services, AXOS is intended to help speed time-to-revenue, eliminate service disruptions and reduce operational complexity for service providers.

Calix's AXOS platform has been developed based on three core principles:

  1. Modular, reusable software components with the ability to run on diverse hardware without modification, so reducing software qualification time, speeding new service development and mitigating upgrade risks.

  2. In-service upgrade capabilities and integrated logic designed to eliminate service disruptions, allow automated fault recovery and prevent issues due to new software functions or human error.

  3. Open, standards-based, programmable management and control APIs to reduce operational complexity, enable automated workflows and provide compatibility with SDN-aligned OSS for enhanced interoperability.

Within AXOS, containerised software components run over a hardware abstraction layer to enable software independence from hardware. In addition, independent, fine-grained software components can be efficiently inserted unmodified into access network locations, without the need for re-testing and re-certification. AXOS software components also support virtualised operation of management and control functions to enable flexibility in network design and deployment models.

AXOS software components run in separate processes so that any fault is isolated and contained to ensure network reliability and availability. Additionally, the platform's stateful operation maintains computing state information separately from system processes, providing self-auditing and automated self-healing capabilities, including the ability for individual processes to be upgraded 'on the fly' without affecting the system, network or services.

All components and operational functions within AXOS use standard NETCONF protocol and YANG data models, designed to enable AXOS-powered systems to fit into any open SDN orchestration and control framework. Open APIs also allow customers to directly program specific network applications and services.

Calix's new AXOS is currently supported on the company's E5-520, E5-308 and E5-306 MEF CE 2.0-certified systems and solutions, and Calix plans to expand AXOS support to other E-Series systems in the future.

Regarding the new solution, Michel Langlois, SVP of systems products at Calix, said, "With AXOS, Calix offers a single software platform that places the service provider in the unique position to distribute services and intelligence across the entire access network with a distributed architecture… so each service provider can choose between a wide spectrum of system form factors and merchant silicon capabilities…".