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Calix enhances E-Series with support for ITU/FSAN NG-PON2 enabling 10 Gbit/s bandwidth
Announced Date: 6/29/2015 Published Date: 6/30/2015

Calix announced new cards for its E-Series portfolio that introduce both increased system capacity and enable ITU/FSAN NG-PON2 support, with the aim of allowing service providers to leverage next generation fibre solutions and deliver an improved broadband experience.

Calix's new cards for the E-Series products add 10 Gbit/s TWDM PON NG-PON2 with both fixed and tunable wavelengths and can be combined with its Compass software applications and GigaCenter platforms to extend beyond gigabit speeds and deliver enhanced WiFi performance and cloud-based applications. This can provide the basis for delivering improved gigabit and multi-gigabit services to residential and business subscribers.

Calix noted that it is an established supplier of solutions to fibre access customers with an architectural philosophy based on a unified access infrastructure that is able to support both business and residential services. The Calix NG-PON2 strategy is designed to extend the company's leading position in this market by increasing the capacity of fibre networks and enabling service providers to meet the needs of business and residential customers over a common infrastructure.

Calix next generation PON solutions will encompass the entire access infrastructure, from the device-enabled subscriber premises to the data centre or central office via the following product offerings:

  1. Calix's advanced premises portfolio is being expanded to include NG-PON2 technology, including fixed and tunable optics, across its full range of subscriber applications, from business services to MDU and SFU residential applications.

    Carrier-class WiFi and Compass software-as-a-service applications will also be enhanced to support the new technologies and enable the provision of multi-gigabit services.

  2. For access infrastructure, the company's E7 portfolio will be enhanced via new NG-PON2 cards offering support 10 Gbit/s fixed and TWDM wavelengths based on pluggable optics.

    Optimised for areas with high bandwidth demand and congestion, the cards will allow the delivery of multiple wavelengths of symmetrical 10 Gbit/s services.

  3. For data centre and central office applications, Calix's E7 portfolio will be augmented by adding new high capacity cards capable of leveraging increased performance in both system switching and uplink capacity.

Michel Langlois, Calix SVP of systems products, said:

  • "… over 1,000 service providers worldwide rely on Calix for fibre access solutions, including nearly 100 delivering a gigabit service to their residential subscribers… (while) next generation PON provides fertile ground for a new wave of innovations".

  • "Calix is again leading the way with contributions to development of the NG-PON2 standard, including key submissions that will reduce deployment costs and technical complexity and assure 2.4 GPON coexistence… demonstrations of both NG-PON2 with tunable TWDM wavelengths and fixed wavelength 10 Gbit/s PON will take place this fall".