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GCI to upgrade TERRA backbone network and roll-out 3G service in rural Alaska
Announced Date: 6/10/2015 Published Date: 6/24/2015

General Communication (GCI) will upgrade its networks in rural Alaska to support increasing demand for terrestrial broadband service and substantially improve mobile wireless service in numerous rural communities.

Firstly, GCI will increase the backbone capacity of TERRA, its terrestrial broadband network, from Levelock to Bethel by deploying new microwave radio technology. Secondly, GCI will deploy 3G wireless data service in 28 rural Alaska communities.

Upgrade work began on June 8 and is expected to continue throughout the summer.

The 3G upgrade is supported by an award from the FCC called Tribal Mobility Fund Phase 1. As part of the award, GCI will deploy 3G and 4G wireless services to a total of 48 rural Alaska communities by 2018.