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MRV enhances OptiDriver platform with optical channel manager functionality
Announced Date: 3/25/2015 Published Date: 3/30/2015

MRV Communications, a supplier of optical networking equipment and services, announced the introduction of enhanced visibility and intelligence functionality for its Optical Channel Manager (OCM) module, an integrated wavelength measurement tool.

The module's expanded management capabilities enable service providers and data centres to continuously monitor all wavelengths on any WDM network and are designed to allow users to proactively identify operational issues before they affect services. Specifically, the OCM module is intended to make accurate real-time reporting of wavelength performance straightforward, and thereby help network managers to respond to issues more quickly and manage services more effectively.

MRV noted that WDM network performance monitoring requires continuous statistical reporting and review for each wavelength to ensure transmissions are within the defined spectral range and optical parameters. To support this, the OCM module is designed to provide ongoing, automatic measurements and reporting on each wavelength traversing the network.

MRV's OCM module is able to support real-time monitoring of up to 640 wavelengths and document performance over time to highlight changing or threatening conditions based on parameters including optical power level, SLA compliance, alarm thresholds and capacity plans.

MRV stated that traditionally, wavelength monitoring equipment is often a standalone, portable infrastructure installed across the network, and requires reconfiguration for each installation. The deployment and management of such systems is complex and time consuming. MRV's integrated OCM solution enables centralised monitoring, reducing the need for standalone infrastructure and the associated time and expense of maintaining it.

The MRV OCM is a module of the company's OptiDriver optical transport platform, while the Pro-Vision service orchestration platform provides a continuous view of wavelength performance delivered by the OCM.

MRV recently enhanced its flagship OptiDriver transport portfolio with the addition of dynamic wavelength routing functionality to enable intelligent optical network control functionality. Based on ROADM hardware, the dynamic wavelength routing approach is designed to be used in optical ring and mesh networks where traffic demands are large and unpredictable due to redundant paths to multiple locations or multiple links between locations.