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MRV enhances OptiDriver transport platform with dynamic wavelength routing functionality
Announced Date: 3/11/2015 Published Date: 3/12/2015

MRV Communications of Chatsworth, California, a supplier of optical networking equipment and services, announced it has enhanced its flagship OptiDriver optical transport product line via the addition of dynamic wavelength routing functionality to enable intelligent optical network control capabilities.

MRV has upgraded its OptiDriver platform to enable service providers to implement a more seamless transition to automated, flexible networks as they seek to intelligently support unpredictable traffic volumes and bandwidth needs.

As optical transport networks increasingly transition from static to dynamic architectures to allow more efficient traffic engineering in support of non-deterministic mobile, video and cloud service traffic, dynamic wavelength routing allows individual wavelengths to move flexibly across the network using software. This capability can simplify actions such as adding new services or meeting changing service demands for the network operator.

Utilising ROADM hardware, the dynamic wavelength routing approach is particularly applicable in optical ring and mesh networks where traffic demands are large and unpredictable due to redundant paths to multiple locations or multiple links between locations.

MRV's enhanced OptiDriver solution is fully integrated into the company's Pro-Vision service provisioning and management software, which supports remote point-and-click service turn up and circuit reconfiguration. In combination with the programmable ROADM and open Linux operating software the OptiDriver solution offers the building blocks to enable an optical SDN approach, which can reduce time-to-revenue for new services and lower operational expenses.

Last October, MRV and Allot Communications announced a joint demonstration of a SDN-enabled virtual CPE (vCPE) solution designed to bring application awareness to service providers' access networks. Initiated and validated by Orange Labs, the proof-of-concept from MRV and Allot featured a centralised traffic detection function (TDF), programmable business CPE and OpenDayLight SDN controller.

The integrated platform, combined with MRV's OptiSwitch solution, was designed to support initiation of SLA enforcement at the customer premises and define per-application priority and dedicated bandwidth throughout the network.