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OIF to demonstrate CEI-56G and pluggable coherent optics technology at OFC 2015
Announced Date: 2/24/2015 Published Date: 2/25/2015

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) announced that at OFC 2015, to be held March 24th to 26th, it will conduct the 56G Electrical Interfaces and Pluggable Coherent Optics showcase to highlight its recent technology developments.

During OFC 2015, OIF will demonstrate its 4th generation CEI-56G (Common Electrical Interface 56 Gbit/s) technology that enables users to achieve higher CEI data rates. The technology showcase will also feature its CFP2-ACO (analogue coherent optics) technology, a coherent optics transceiver module in a CFP2 form factor, an optimal medium-term solution to maximise faceplate density and minimise install costs for metro/regional DWDM and data centre applications.

During the OIF technology showcase at OFC, the following live demonstrations and product displays will be presented:

  1. A live demonstration of CEI-56G-VSR-NRZ channel technology featuring Credo Semiconductor, Multilane, Tektronix and Yamaichi Electronics.

  2. A live demonstration of a CEI-56G-VSR-PAM QSFP compliance board by Anritsu, Molex, Multilane, TE Connectivity, Tektronix and Yamaichi Electronics.

  3. The display of a CEI-56G-VSR-PAM optical interface concept from Molex, Multilane and TE Connectivity.

  4. A live demonstration of CEI-56G-MR/LR-PAM backplane featuring Keysight Technologies and Molex.

  5. A live demonstration CEI-56G-MR/LR-NRZ backplane with Credo Semiconductor, Keysight Technologies and TE Connectivity.

  6. A live demonstration CEI-56G-MR-NRZ passive copper cable by Credo Semiconductor, Keysight Technologies, Molex, TE Connectivity and Yamaichi Electronics.

  7. A CFP2-ACO and pluggable coherent optics display featuring Keysight Technologies and Multilane.

OIF noted that the static displays of equipment for 56 Gbit/s electrical interfaces and pluggable coherent optics, intended to expand the ecosystems, will include modules, test equipment, connectors, compliance boards, DSPs, drivers, TIAs and components from companies including ClariPhy Communications, Finisar, Inphi, Kandou Bus, M/A-COM, Molex, MoSys, Multilane, NEC, Oclaro, Qorvo and TE Connectivity.