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OIF expands CEI 56 Gbit/s development program with long reach project
Announced Date: 8/13/2014 Published Date: 8/13/2014

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) announced that, based on feedback from its members, it is initiating a new Common Electrical Interface (CEI) 56 Gbit/s program as the next step from CEI 28 Gbit/s and complementing the existing 400 Gbit/s roadmap that was started last year.

The project will define 56 Gbit/s electrical interfaces for full-sized back plane channels for long reach applications of up to one meter using two connectors. The new CEI-56G-LR specification will increase the data rate two-fold over that provided by CEI-28G-LR and will offer one or more electrical specifications for lane operation at data rates from 40 to 56 Gbit/s over a distance of up to 1000 mm using advanced printed circuit board materials and two connectors.

The OIF is currently working on a full roadmap for 400 Gbit/s applications that is addressing medium reach (MR) interfaces for chip-to-chip and midrange back plane, very short reach (VSR) for chip-to-module, extra short reach (XSR) for chip to nearby optics engine and ultra short reach (USR) for 2.5D/3D applications. Additionally, a long reach (LR) interface will complete this roadmap for chip-to-chip back plane applications exhibiting approximately 35 dB of loss at 14 GHz.

The OIF launched a CEI-56G-VSR interface program in mid-2012. The program had the objective of determining optimum modulation format based on measurements, verification and CMOS switch ASIC I/O capability, and exploring single lane electrical I/O data rates beyond 28 Gbit/s for chip-to-module applications, including single-lane interfaces for 40 Gbit/s modules and 8-10 lane interfaces for 400 Gbit/s modules.