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02/14/2007 OIF approves E-NNI OSPF routing IA for multi-vendor optical networks, launches 40 Gbit/s signalling project with ITU-T
12/18/2006 OIF launches Scalable System Packet Interface offering 6 to 100+ Gbit/s data rate for chip-to-chip / backplane applications
11/10/2006 OIF launches TFI-5/TDM-P Clauses in CEI-P project to enable FEC protected links for TDM backplanes
09/08/2006 OIF enhances StatEye software for S-parameter analysis of CEI-compliant backplanes
07/28/2006 OIF approves IA covering use of alternate signalling technologies to extend 10 Gbit/s links from 80 to 120 km
06/15/2006 NPF completes technical work, including SSL accelerator IA, prior to merger with OIF
05/25/2006 OIF approves IA for TDM-Protocol, SONET/SDH-like backplane interface for cross-connects, establishes SLA interface project to upgrade LA-I
04/28/2006 Optical Internetworking Forum and Network Processing Forum merge under OIF name to expand activities
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