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12/08/2011 OIF approves IA for OTN-over-packet fabric protocol
11/18/2011 OIF adopts new 100G transmitter assembly project, approves additional IAs addressing security issues
10/10/2011 OIF approves micro tunable laser for smaller footprint, updates other 100G documents
09/14/2011 OIF approves CEI 3.0 defining electrical layer interfaces with signalling rates up to 28 Gbaud/s
08/25/2011 OIF launches three new projects supporting 100G and beyond data rates
07/29/2011 OIF approves E-NNI Routing 2.0 IA supporting OTN ODUj, future multilayer control plane integration
12/02/2010 OIF defines security extension for control plane protocols, elects new officials
08/06/2010 OIF launches projects on tunable laser form factor and OSS control plane management
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