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  Astute Networks Inc
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10/22/2002 Astute Networks launches 10 Gbit/s scalable "intelligent" customisable storage NP +
10/08/2002 Astute Networks storage customers already using Storage Development Kit suite for customisation
09/23/2002 Gadzoox Networks licenses FabriCore Engines FC technology to Astute Networks
08/27/2002 28 month old, $23m funded, Astute Networks licenses storage networking technology to Agilent +
08/20/2002 28 month old, $23m funded emerging storage IC co Astute Networks hires CEO
08/31/2001 50 employee, over $16m funded, 16 month old Astute Networks moves into 1,860sqm HQ
07/18/2001 Astute Networks appoints Cyrix founder, Thomas Brightman, as VP of Strategic Development
07/02/2001 Astute Networks receives additional $5.6m equity investment led by Dali, Hook Partners
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