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  Telstra Corp Ltd
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09/26/2013 Telstra Global launches IPL, EPL and MPLS network services in India
08/12/2013 Ericsson claims first commercial LTE-A call on 1800 MHz and 900 MHz for Telstra in Australia
07/19/2013 Telstra to expand 4G coverage to reach 85% of Australian citizens by end of 2013
06/13/2013 Telecom, Vodafone and Telstra issue tender for construction of New Zealand-Australia cable system
04/18/2013 Telstra wins A$1.1bn, six-year contract to integrate Australia's defence networks
03/18/2013 Ericsson and Telstra trial 1 Tbit/s over existing 995 km optical link
02/26/2013 Ericsson to expand Telstra's LTE network across Australia, trial new technologies
02/26/2013 Telstra selects Ericsson to expand metro, regional and long haul networks with 100G support
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