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  Arbinet Corp
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03/01/2011 Primus completes acquisition of Arbinet wholesale telecom exchange services
11/12/2010 Primus, under new management, acquires Arbinet for $28m and sells non-core European assets
02/23/2010 Pangaea expands network into Arbinet IP Exchange PoP at 75 Broad St in Manhattan
05/28/2009 Arbinet appoints Robert Mumby, formerly with Telus, Qwest and ITXC, as VP of Sales, N America
06/05/2008 Arbinet-thexchange to establish iEDP delivery point in Hong Kong + enhance OptmizedIP service
04/09/2007 Deutsche Telekom ICSS joins Arbinet PeeringSolutions global peering community with members in 43 countries
09/12/2006 Arbinet recruits eleven service providers to PeeringSolutions global peering service
11/29/2001 Arbinet-thexchange adds Exchange Delivery Point in Los Angeles enabling spot market trades in Asia
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