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  Asante Technologies Inc
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03/03/2005 Asante Technologies to be acquired by TechnoConcepts, developer of wireless technologies, for $5m in restricted stock
07/01/2004 Asante Technologies appoints Jeff Lin, company co-founder and formerly with National Semiconductor, as Chairman and CEO
07/31/2002 Asante Technologies posts Q3 sales of $4.1m, vs $4.0m in Q2, for net loss of $0.5m or 5c per share
07/03/2002 Asante/SwitchCore partner to develop multi-layer Gigabit switches based on CXE chips
06/24/2002 Asante now has full range of fibre-based Fast Ethernet, GBE switches and media converters
02/07/2002 Asante Technologies posts Q1 sales of $3.9m, vs $5.2m in Q4, for net loss of $756,000 or 8c per share
12/10/2001 Asante Technologies announces FriendlyNET FR5000 accelerated cable/DSL router
11/06/2001 Asante Technologies reports Q4 revenues up 5.4% on Q3 to $5.2m, for net loss of $126,000 or 1c per share
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