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  Arasor Inc
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12/08/2010 Arasor wins court case to wind-up two Indian debtors
11/25/2010 Arasor ends efforts to progress Chinese JV with ZTE
06/21/2010 Arasor on brink of insolvency, seeks to recover debts
04/23/2010 Arasor director Simon Cao steps down to focus on ZTE JV
04/01/2010 Arasor to sell Japan optical wafer fabrication facility for $750,000
03/17/2010 Arasor updates on status and progress of Indian receivables
01/07/2010 Foreword: Is 8-year old optical systems specialist Arasor about to expire or merely resting? +
11/05/2009 Arasor completes sale of Bandwidth Foundry International to University of Sydney
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