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  Archcom Technology Inc
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02/19/2004 Archcom, supplying 1310nm/1550nm lasers + InGaAs photodiodes, merges with InP Rx module firm VSK Photonics
04/09/2003 VSK Photonics ships 10 Gbit/s linear receiver module for EDC applications
03/21/2003 VSK Photonics intros 40 Gbit/s receiver module
03/13/2003 Archcom unveils uncooled 10 Gbit/s TOSA module based on proprietary high-speed RF package design
04/18/2002 16-month old, $24m funded, InP component co VSK Photonics intros 10, 12.5, 40 Gbit/s receiver units
02/06/2002 13-month old InP component/module co VSK Photonics closes Series A funding at $26.3m
08/17/2001 8-month old active InP component co VSK Photonics gets $6m in lease finance for equipment
03/14/2001 3 month old InP-based 40Gbit/s component developer VSK Photonics gets Round 1 $18m
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