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  Azna LLC
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03/28/2007 Finisar to acquire CML-based component supplier AZNA for $19.7m + Kodeos, provider of 300-pin transponders, for $7.0m
03/27/2007 NEC demos ER XFP transceiver for 160 km links without dispersion compensation using PLC technology + Azna CML TOSA
03/07/2006 OIF members Azna, Essex, Kodeos, Opnext, Vitesse to demo P1V1-2C2 application code interoperability in VLR links at OFC/NFOEC
09/26/2005 Azna 10 Gbit/s CML lasers, enabling NRZ signal transmission over 120/250 km, gain Telcordia GR468-CORE qualification
03/09/2005 Azna announces 200 km 10 Gbit/s Tx without mid-span hut using chirp-managed laser
05/10/2004 Azna claims transmission at 10.7 Gbit/s to 350 km without dispersion compensation using CMDM laser + AMCC EDC chip
02/24/2004 Azna demos 10 Gbit/s transmission over 200 km without dispersion compensation using CMDM technology with DFB lasers
01/26/2004 Photonic component startup Azna unveils new CMDM technology to extend range of 2.5/10 Gbit/s lasers to more than 640 km
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