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  Yokogawa Electric Corp
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11/19/2012 Yokogawa launches C/L band tunable laser source modules for optical test system
06/22/2012 Yokogawa releases new OTDR test instruments for global access network installation and maintenance
03/07/2011 Deutsche Telekom selects Yokogawa OTDR as test tool for FTTH deployments
06/25/2007 Yokogawa Electric and Fujitsu DQPSK 40 Gbit/s technology deployed in 800 km Japanese network
04/05/2007 Yokogawa and Fujitsu jointly develop and manufacture 40 Gbit/s transmission technology based on DQPSK
01/04/2007 Yokogawa Electric completes photonic components waferfab for production of 40 Gbit/s optical packet switch
03/02/2006 Yokogawa Electric and Fujitsu form strategic partnership to create new ultra high-speed optical transmission systems
06/21/2005 Yokogawa Electric to build $230m waferfab capable of making III-V-based 40 Gbit/s optical switches by Nov 2006
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