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  Advanced Photonix Inc
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05/20/2015 Luna and API complete merger
02/03/2015 Luna, offering fibre sensing and T&M products, to merge with Advanced Photonix
01/22/2015 Advanced Photonix renews agreement with Asian OEM for supply of 100 Gbit/s receivers
01/13/2015 Advanced Photonix expects $3-4m revenue from supply of 100 Gbit/s receivers to OEM customer
06/17/2014 Advanced Photonix to raise $2.5m via public offering to reduce debt
06/09/2014 Advanced Photonix receives follow-on 100G orders from Chinese OEM
05/19/2014 Advanced Photonix samples XMD-compliant 10 Gbit/s APD ROSA
02/07/2014 Advanced Photonix reveals 100G DP-QPSK design win with Chinese OEM
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