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  YottaYotta Inc
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06/11/2008 Bay Microsystems demos wide area virtualisation based on ABEx 2020 gateway + YottaYotta GSX 3000 at NXTcomm
03/06/2006 CSC to deploy YottaYotta GSX 3000 system at three locations for DICE global data sharing project spanning DoD, DOE, NASA facilities
11/08/2005 YottaYotta intros GSX 3000 NetStorage Control Node enabling global data sharing for enterprise customers
11/08/2005 U.S. DoD selects YottaYotta GSX 3000 NetStorage Control Node to support global data sharing, business continuity functions
10/31/2005 West Canada WestGrid grid computing project implements YottaYotta/SGI remote visualisation solution
03/02/2004 Ultra high capacity, widely distributed, SAN virtualisation supplier YottaYotta gets $16m for total $66m
03/07/2003 YottaYotta said to have shut Kirkland office + lost president/CEO
12/10/2002 YottaYotta claims world record for TCP disk-to-disk data transfer using FC over TCP/IP encapsulation
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