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06/28/2016 OIF launches CFP8-ACO project for higher density applications, completes MLG 3.0 agreement
03/14/2016 OIF launches Flexible Ethernet IA enabling efficient link utilisation for data centre interconnect
02/19/2016 OIF approves CFP2 coherent optics IA targeting metro/regional line-side transport applications
11/20/2015 OIF to develop flex coherent DWDM transmission framework for long haul, metro applications
08/20/2015 OIF releases 400 Gbit/s implementation study, IAs for neighbour discovery and ITLA MSA
05/20/2015 OIF releases white paper detailing Transport SDN framework for carrier networks
05/08/2015 The OIF launches projects for coherent modulators/receivers, approves 100 Gbit/s Ias
02/25/2015 OIF to demonstrate CEI-56G and pluggable coherent optics technology at OFC 2015
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