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  Alloptic Inc
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10/27/2009 Alloptic unveils managed MicroNode ONU, new return path receiver + extended interoperability of edge10 OLT
10/21/2009 Alloptic introduces 500 series MDU MicroNode RFoG optical networking unit
10/20/2009 Alloptic announces availability of 802.3av-compliant 10 Gbit/s EPON
10/08/2009 Alloptic's RF over glass portfolio joins EPON line in gaining RUS acceptance
08/26/2009 The Cable of St. Kitts selects Alloptic RFoG equipment to upgrade network + extend broadband services
08/14/2009 TVC offers Alloptic RFoG and PON solutions to cable and broadband customers in U.S. and Canada
06/30/2009 Florida marina deploys Alloptic GEPON solution for 'fibre-to-the-slip' project
04/01/2009 Alloptic introduces DOCSIS PON controller for provisioning and control of EPON system
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